skirt + vest

skirt + vest

Double Protection - half the load on your back

Our skirt and vest garments reduce the stress on your back to a minimum. More than half the weight is on the hip and this model combination (style) reduces the stress significantly.

Just like the double aprons, we offer a model without a hoop-and-loop fastener. Among the seven models, there is the right one for you.

All vests are equipped with shoulder pads, and the skirts have useful hooks for improved storage. The elastic back part in our skirts (optional) increases the comfort again significantly. You have seven models for all applications available.

For a quick tightening.
Fully overlapping on the front side.
Comfortable tightening with Velcro fastener on the shoulder and on the side.
Fully overlapping with integrated thyroid shield (optional)
Very comfortable and easy to wear.
The model without Velcro fastener.
Very comfortable with flexible backpart.

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