• Individual X-ray Garments

    That x-ray protection clothing does not always have to be blue, green, gray or red, we show with our unique colors and design selections. Over 40 colours & designs available!

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  • Aprons for our Youngster

    Our Colour designs provide a dose of happiness to our small users, which is aligned with their curiosity and energy!

    children aprons
  • Dental Aporns

    Bring Excitement into your Dental Practice with +40 Colours & Designs to Choose from!

    dental aprons
  • Double Aprons

    Our double aprons are outstanding: complete double coverage from shoulder to knee.

    double aprons
  • Skirt + Vest

    Our skirt and vest garments reduce the stress on your back to a minimum. Among the 7 models, there is the right one for you.

    skirt + vest
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medical index, a seal of quality

Together with our customers, we are keeping track of suitability and reliability of our materials and products. Our state of the art velcro is made of polyamid with a high tear and abrasion resistance, and balanced flex properties. For stitching we use a sewing threat that is also used in the footwear and furniture industry.

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About medical index

In 1997 we turned our focus to the development and manufacture of high end quality x-ray protection garments. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most effective x-ray protection they need for their daily work. Therefore we provide more x-ray protection models, than anyone in our industry. We offer over 30 different models in a variety of sizes, in more than 40 different colors, and three different lead types, which reflects the extensive know-how we have developed over the years.

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